Contra Costa Mission Statement:

CCISCO helps everyday people win extraordinary victories by providing a vehicle for them to speak, act and engage in the public arena. We believe in the power of relationships and that by acting together on our common values, we can imagine and create a more just, equitable and inclusive world. CCISCO is committed to building civic engagement and increasing public participation by those most affected by injustice in Contra Costa County. We are a multi-racial, multi-generational, interfaith federation of 20 member institutions representing 38,000 families across our region.

Building a Legacy of Leadership

How We Organize: Building Power for Justice

Action & Acountability

Power is the ability to act and transform the world.

Faith & Values

Human dignity and care for creation is at the center of all of our religious traditions.

Relationships & Research

Our power rests in relationships that are grounded in shared stories, values and interests.

Upcoming Events

May 8, 2014
Jobs, Education, & Wealth at the Richmond Bay Campus
UC-Berkeley and The Lawrence Berkeley National Lab are building a new campus, Lets make sure the WHOLE Community Benefits!
The development of the UCB/LBNL Richmond Bay Campus is the most important economic development to come to Richmond Since the Shipyards were built during World War II. Lets make sure Richmond residents are able to work and Richmond kids are able to learn there by establishing legally binding agreements with UCB/LBNL.

Join us at this important forum to win education and small business and job opportunities for Richmond Residents

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January 2, 2024

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