Incredible Transformation

Over the last two years we have seen incredible transformations across Contra Costa County through our work at CCISCO, and now we believe we have built a digital platform to feature and lift up that beautiful work.  We are very excited about the new site and we wanted to draw your attention to a few key features on it.  On the campaigns pages we are able to keep you up to date with each of the different campaigns going on where you can find the history of these campaigns and you can easily join any of the CCISCO campaign emails lists just by putting in your email on the campaign page.  If you click on the Social stream you will be taken to a page where you can see all of our feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one place.  On the home page scroll down and you will see some beautiful stories about a number of our powerful leaders at CCISCO which we will be continuously updating throughout the year. Scroll down further and you will find all the upcoming CCISCO events.

We also hope to make this a space for community wide learning, so we have embedded a number of trainings and key links on the Training page. Our next goal now that we have launched the site is to translate it into Spanish so we can make a parallel Spanish site. Please let us know what you think about the new site, and if you have any ideas for improvements.  Watch this space as we will be updating the blog regularly with key happenings at CCISCO. Want to support CCISCO’s work financially?  Now you can easily make a one time, weekly, monthly or yearly donation right here on the website using the secure Wepay platform. Just click donate on the top right hand of the page and you can make your donation in less than two minutes.

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