About Us


CCISCO helps everyday people win extraordinary victories by providing a vehicle for them to speak, act and engage in the public arena.  We believe in the power of relationships and that by acting together on our common values, we can imagine and create a more just, equitable and inclusive world. CCISCO is committed to building civic engagement and increasing public participation by those most affected by injustice in Contra Costa County. We are a multi-racial, multi-generational, interfaith federation of 20 member institutions representing 38,000 families across our region.


CCISCO believes that all faith communities are called to seek justice and peace for all people.  Our faith and values call us to build a land of opportunity where all people have a seat at the table of plenty.  We seek to answer this call by building the power of people to transform their communities. We believe in building unity through diversity and are committed to building bridges across boundaries of faith, race, geography, generation and economic class.


Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization was founded in 1995 as a powerful alliance of religious congregations and community institutions dedicated to build a powerful voice for justice across Contra Costa County.  We are a proud member of the PICO Network and are committed to building power to advance systemic change at a local, regional, state and national level.  We have trained thousands of community leaders to build relational power and develop effective strategies to address the most pressing issues facing our communities.  During our history, tens of thousands of Contra Costa residents have put their faith into meaningful action to create significant change in their communities.

Key Victories

Shifted more than $5 million in alternatives to incarceration and housing, employment and services for residents returning home from incarceration in Contra Costa County (2013).

Played a key role in helping to pass the “California Homeowner Bill of Rights” which are the strongest homeowner protections against unfair foreclosures in the country and has contributed to a 60% reduction in foreclosures during the first half of 2013.

Organized more than 80 night walks and engaged over 2,000 participant in taking concrete actions to reduce gun violence through the Ceasefire-Lifelines to Healing movement which contributed to more than 30% reduction in injury shootings and homicides in Richmond in 2012.

Led “Invest in People, Not Prisons” campaign which resulted in Contra Costa County being the first county in California to withdraw a proposed jail expansion during the era of criminal justice realignment. (2012)

Assisted over 1,800 immigrant youth apply for legal status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order and passed local policies to limit the detention and deportation of immigrants. (2012)

Led a campaign to create a new satellite health clinic for an underserved community in Far Eastern Contra Costa County which served more than 7,000 low-income residents during the first year of operation. (2011)

Year in Review

CCISCO 2013 Year in Review: Love Is The Answer