Leader Profiles

Tereso and Antonia Rodriguez - Keeping Families United

Tereso and Antonia Rodriguez are two of the 11 million plus people living in the shadows in the Untied States, who cannot find permanent work and who are in constant fear of having their families torn apart with this broken immigration system.  Read more

Tamisha Walker - Invest in People, Not Prisons

Tamisha Walker is a Richmond resident and founding member of the Safe Return Project . She speaks about the connections between the mass deportation and mass incarceration. Read more

Gabriela Baños-Galvan

Bennie Singleton - Richmond Ceasefire

Bennie Singleton quietly entered the church, Richmond’s Garden of Peace Ministries, looking for other “night-walkers.” With a household of children and grandchildren waiting for her at home, there were plenty of other things Singleton could have been doing on a Friday night — but the 78-year-old grandmother just had to come out and walk. Read more

Juan Zaragoza

Rev. Alvin Bernstine - Clergy Power

“The Moses Moment is the sacred moment when the burning in our hearts intersects with a faith summons to address situations where human life is being limited by oppression and dehumanization.” Read more

Andres Abarra - Safe Return Project

“I want people to know that you can change,” Abarra said. “If you allow yourself to change, you will enjoy that change.”Read more

Mohammad Chaudrhy - Muslim Organizing

Read more