Reverend Dr. Alvin Bernstine – Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church, Richmond


“I am currently working on a concept called the Moses Moment. The Moses Moment is the sacred moment when the burning in our hearts intersects with a faith summons to address situations where human life is being limited by oppression and dehumanization. The MosesMoment is a response to that experience by speaking truth to power, in particular the power that lies latent within common people to challenge the power assumptions of the status quo.‚ÄĚThis past year I witnessed a Moses Moment in the varied activities of CCISCO. CCISCO, an amazing collect of common people, responded to the power assumptions of the status quo and engaged the community in powerful experiences of social transformation. It was nothing less than the sacred to witness a shift in a move to build a jail into investing in people. It was nothing less than sacred to witness a radical drop in gun violence as the people experienced their own sense of empowerment. It was nothing less than sacred to witness massive voter turn out with the passing of Proposition 30. I am humbled to have been an eyewitness to a Moses Moment within the city of Richmond and ContraCosta County. Out of the Moses Moment experienced with CCISCO I now know as stated by the social scientist, Cynthia Kaufman that”a vision of the world that includes the possibility for change requires a major orientation in how we see the world.”